Javi Javier

Bon Appétit


I came to Bon Appétit coming from years of experience as a solo programmer, both as a freelancer and at Moment where I was the lone front-end engineer. My main goals were to work with other engineers instead of working solo and to experience owning a website instead of just doing web projects.

Bon Appétit is the website I’ve worked on with:

  • the most users
  • the largest team (counting the design and engineering organization at Condé Nast)
  • the longest period of time 3 years and counting

During the initial Wordpress phase of the site I was able to:

  • implement multiple design projects like a typeface refresh, conversion to responsive design and yearly tentpole events like Best New Restaurants
  • reworked the JavaScript from using Wordpress’ registered scripts to Browserify and later on Webpack modules
  • improve performance, from PageSpeed of 32, Speed Index of 13,326 and Start Render of 3889 (using Google PageSpeedInsights and webpagetest) to 93, 2,792 and 1,092 respectively over a 9 month period

Github Contributions

^^ That’s me jmjavier

In 2016 I was a key part of the migration to our inhouse CMS built on Node.js and React during which our team grew to four engineers.

I’ve also worked on key pieces of new verticals for the brand: Basically and Healthy-ish.

One of the templates I worked on for Basically, the recipe template https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/basically-burger

Recently, I’ve led the team through implementing HTTPS on the site and the biggest site-wide redesign yet in my three years.